Become an Exclusive Planner in the iBride Network!

Looking for a way to make money on DIY brides and grooms in your area?  iBride Network is the answer.  We are a unique solution for event planners to differentiate themselves, stand up a new line of revenue and monetize on the growing DIY market for only $49/mo.  No contracts, no commitments.

What's in it for you?

1) Exclusivity!


Get an exclusive seat in your market as one of 5 event planners that we promote to our subscribers


We don't throw the kitchen sink at our subscribers.  We pre-vet the vendors that we allow in our network so our customers can be assured a quality experience and our vendors can differentiate themselves from the growing sea of competition.


2) Expand your footprint!


Build a new vertical for your business catering to the ever-growing DIY demographic of brides, grooms and family members

When they need help or advice you'll be 'top of mind'!

When the panic sets in (which it always does) you'll be there!

When they decide they needs a day of coordinator, they'll dial your number!


3)  Build a passive line of revenue! 


Bring your vendor network with you!  iBride Network will pay you $10 a month for every vendor you recruit into the network.* 

Recruit 5 vendors and be an Event Planner with iBride Network for FREE!

We are only accepting 5 event planners / market at this time.  Once you have initiated your application, we will reach out to you to discuss further. 

*You won't be charged and all payments for recruited vendors will begin only after your specific market has launched.

We're recruiting for all markets!!!

Become a Planner in the iBride Network today!